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FeeqaMustafa`s: Unlock my heart, shelter my soul.

Oct 6, 2011

Unlock my heart, shelter my soul.

These few day i was contented myself with too many stuffs that really brings me down :(
well, i know when u see me outside, u can always see my smile. but sometimes we cannot deny how we feel inside. right?

err.. okay okay, i shouldnt be sad about the past. just THROW IT AWAY, FORGIVE THEM and FORGET YESTERDAY. come on feeqa, you`re young. so shut up, and enjoy life. yeah roarrr!

#nuff said. i just need a hug right now. anyone?



  1. Please,, let me hug u... Can I?? huhu
    Anyway,, I'll always be by your side...
    Don't worry ok!! <3 <3


Thank you for your comment peeps!
nah! amik muax sorang sebijik :P